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    Summertime is a critical time for youth, and far too many continue to struggle with the impacts of learning loss and social isolation that has also impacted mental health for some.

      I’d like to thank Professor Wolf for putting the Second Amendment in historical perspective (“Time to repeal the Second Amendment,” April 28), and for emphasizing that “the right of the people to bear arms” was in reference to a well-regulated militia (i.e., our National Guard).

      I believe that the current debt limit crisis is a deliberate attempt by House Republicans (in support of Donald Trump) to crash the economy and then try to pin it on Biden.


      In Cody Mann’s April 14 article on Corvallis facility needs (“Closing the funding gap”), City Manager Mark Shepard provides a list of facility improvements in Albany over the last 20 years, and then is quoted as remarking, “… over the same 20 years, what did Corvallis do?”

      Have you stopped to consider that Linn County's productive fields of grass seed, wheat, hazelnuts and other crops would likely not be here if it hadn’t been for a Linn County grass seed farmer, Hector McPherson?

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